So after Tel Aviv I jumped over to an area outside of the city and stayed at my teacher’s house for a couple of days to celebrate the Passover Seder meal.  Zvi has a great family and they all live in this really cool flat that is stuffed with homemade pottery and artwork, sweet furniture, books, music, and good food.  It’s clean, but in a very lived-in way, which made me feel comfortable.  Although a secular household, we ate the traditional foods and did the readings prior to the dinner (it requires you to drink all this wine before you eat anything…Jews…), and then proceeded to eat SO much I seriously couldn’t move afterward.  The next day was family time and we all went to the beach.  I divided my afternoon between playing in the sand with the kids and talking about life or doing yoga poses with the parents.  Ice cream, homemade sushi, and a lesson rounded it all out.  It was really cool to catch a glimpse into the life of a musician who successfully balances an extremely active performing and teaching career with a family.

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